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Greensboro, North Carolina Department Chair for Adult Health Nursing Job at University of North Carolina at Greensboro - NursingFacultyJobs.com

The School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is seeking a Chair for the Department of Adult Health Nursing. The Chair reports directly to the Dean of the School of Nursing. The Adult Health Nursing Department is comprised of both clinical and tenure track nursing faculty. We are seeking applicants eligible…


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Too much TV linked to 8 leading causes of death | Obesity Panacea

Do you have a television in your home? If so, youre part of the 92% of households in North America that do. We bucked the trend for quite a while, but recently also caved and purchased a smart TV. Weve always enjoyed watching movies and documentaries a couple times a week, and were getting fed…


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Garden Grove, California Nurse Instructors Job at Concorde Career Colleges - NursingFacultyJobs.com

Your Career Matters For more than 50 years, Concorde Career Colleges, Inc has prepared thousands of people for rewarding careers in allied health. We specialize in education with a clearly defined purpose. Our goal is to prepare students for the most in-demand jobs in allied health.


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10 Principles for a Better Food Future - World Food Day - Translational Global Health

In time for World Food Day today, the Norwegian-based multi-stakeholder initiative EAT has launched a new publication on the future of food. EntitledEAT in Sustainia, a collaboration with the Danish-based think tankSustainia, the report aims to outline the major challenges, opportunities and solutions for food and food systems globally.


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PEI Residents - Why Do/Don't You Commute By Bike? - Obesity Panacea

I bike to get around pretty much all the time. I even biked most of last winter, which was rather intense (2 full weeks of school had to be cancelled due to snow days). And now I bring my baby to daycare by bike whenever possible using my Chariot. Thats not to say that…


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A practical intervention to reduce salt intake in Per

Lorena Saavedra-Garcia is a Nutritionist withtheCRONICAS Center of Excellence in Chronic Diseases,Peru. Together with herresearch team, shes beenstudying amount of salt that canbe reduced in bread without detection by Peruvian consumers. Market effects of the introduction of this low-salt bread on bakery sales was also assessed.


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Position Title: Nursing-Registered (Psychosocial) InstructorFiling Deadline: 11-06-2015 Job Type: Faculty - Tenure-Track Examples of Duties:1. Assume the role of theory and clinical instructor in Psychosocial Nursing.